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Calm down the authentic espadrilles or espardeñas with flat sole of esparto for women, made by hand in Spain in an artisan way. Espadrilles esparto espadrilles sewn by hand with much pampering. The genuine YELLOW MELLOW spandex espadrilles or espadrilles are made from 100% ecological cotton and pique fabric. They are a perfect fashion accessory that combines with almost any look, whether urban or chic. Their great adaptability to the foot turn them into espadrilles with esparto platform for women of great durability and promptness. Do not hesitate, the design espadrilles that are in fashion this spring summer are called YELLOW MELLOW ... be mambo my friend!

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Discover the esparto moccasin espadrilles for women that are causing sensation in the internet. Handmade in Spain by authentic esparto craftsmen. The genuine YELLOW MELLOW hand-sewn esparto moccasin espadrilles are made up of a hand-woven esparto platform sole and pique fabric printed with ecological inks in navy blue, white and yellow. Moccasin espadrille espadrilles for women hand sewn at eyelet point.

The genuine spandex esparto espadrilles for women that DOROTHY MAMBO™ makes in Spain in limited edition, are not hormonal. They are not horman since once sewn by hand, each pair must conform to the foot of each of the people who fit them. Becoming an exclusive product while custom.

The handmade espadrilles that DOROTHY MAMBO™ manufactures are a completely ecological footwear, since in its manufacture does not intervene any productive process that generates pollutants. We like to take advantage of the natural fibers of esparto that nature provides us in an ecological and sustainable way.

Enjoy the most fashionable moccasin style esparto espadrilles this spring summer. Combine them with any of your looks, be it chic or urban, jeans, shorts or skirts. Very comfortable, handmade espadrilles, completely handmade in Spain with lots of love.

A geometric inspired design in zip-zag, very colorful, fresh and harmonious. A shoe design that goes with everything. Fashion espadrilles that bring some freshness and elegance to any of your looks. Inspired by the most retro geometry of the decade of the wonderful 50's. A very comfortable and versatile footwear that will become a basic essential in any shoemaker's or wardrobe's worth. The footwear that can not miss in a traveling suitcase during spring summer vacations.

Our women's moccasin esparto espadrilles are perfect to combine with any type of accessory, look or fashion trend. They are the perfect complement to any type of garment, skirts, trousers, shorts, jeans or some informal cut dress.

It is an esparto espadrilles style moccasin for women ergonomic and comfortable. For this reason they will become your inseparable traveling companions, essential for this spring summer vacation. An espadrille espadrilles for women in moccasin style that you can wear also in autumn. And in some places privileged by its temperatures, throughout the year.

Bring whenever you can, your esparto sandals for women to whatever your destination this summer vacation. Its enormous versatility when it comes to being combined with other clothing or fashion accessories. Enjoy wonderful walks through nature, the seashore or the city. Walking with our women's esparto espadrilles will become an enormously comforting experience.

In all fashion and footwear collections, DOROTHY MAMBO™ is a priority for quality in the preparation and selection of raw materials. For this reason, we made all our espadrilles, looking for excellence and maximum comfort. In order to achieve these quality levels an exhaustive quality control is essential. Like the one we made with each of our fashion and footwear items that we made. These rigorous quality controls, give our women's handmade esparto espadrilles a perfect fit.

Esparto espadrilles with flat soles for women YELLOW MELLOW are handmade quality shoes in Spain. Its flat sole fiber of esparto or jute is braided by hand with natural fabrics. Natural tissues of esparto or jute that adapt perfectly to the soles of the feet. Providing a soothing massage when you wear them and start taking a walk with them. Esparto soles also have the possibility of perfectly eliminating excess perspiration from the foot. Once without footwear, the flat esparto soles have the possibility of exuding perspiration, leaving the footwear as new for next use.

At the bottom of the flat shoes, a thin natural rubber sole has been incorporated. It protects them from abrasion from wear and tear. In this way it prolongs the life of the fiber of esparto or jute from the top of the flat sole.

In DOROTHY MAMBO™ we make all of our espadrilles in a handmade way. The productions of our moccasin espadrilles espadrilles with flat sole, are always in limited edition. With the intention of offering our customers an exclusive model. And meet, in this way, with the highest standards of quality, within the world of footwear artisan.

When you walk with our esparto espadrille style women's wetsuit with esparto flat sole, you will experience sensory stimulation. The textures, the touch and aroma of natural jute or esparto fiber, will transport you to the past. Due to the slight contact that the sole of the feet have with the esparto or jute sole, this provides a gentle but comforting massage when walking. For this reason it is important that each pair is molded to the foot of the person who customizes them. It is also important to mention that esparto fiber or jute has the ability to exude perspiration that can accumulate by use, leaving them as new for the next use.

Our espadrilles with flat sole of esparto moccasin style for women, are hand crafted, sewn by hand in Spain, one by one. The flat soles of these esparto espadrilles are hand braided by expert jute craftsmen.

The DOROTHY MAMBO™ women's spaghetti strap platform online fashion espadrilles features a breathable eco-cotton inner lining that ensures maximum comfort and durability.

Choose from our variety of models of espadrilles flat sole for women, which best suits your style, look, trend or fashion accessory.

Choose your foot number correctly. But you should not worry if you do not know your number correctly. Consult and print the complete size guide. With the help of this size guide, and correctly following the process indicated. You can know your correct numbering. If you sweat between two numbers, always choose the highest number.

In no case, accept imitations of low quality and dubious origin. Enjoy the genuine YELLOW MELLOW women's lace-up sandals. Genuine esparto moccasin espadrilles from DOROTHY MAMBO™, handmade, one by one, in Spain. A handmade shoe, very comfortable, hand-stitched with lots of love.

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SoleHandmade jute jute espadrilles
Sewn100% hand-sewn espadrilles
Lining100% cotton lining espadrilles

What are you waiting for to buy the authentic designer sandals with flat platform esparto moccasin style for women in our online store. Handmade espadrilles, handmade, one by one, by expert craftsmen of esparto or jute in Spain. If you want to buy espadrilles espadrilles for women with guarantees. Do it directly from our official online store. It has never been so easy to buy esparto espadrilles for women online.

If what you are looking for is something inspiring or just want to see how they feel our esparto espadrilles for women online. If you need to know how to combine your look before buying our esparto espadrilles online. Discover the outfits section of fashion and footwear that you can find in our blog online. In this section online, you can find a lot of styles, combinations and fashion proposals, which together with your own inspiration, will help you to go perfectly together. If you also want to be part of our great family online, follow us through our social networks. Embark with us in this singular journey and discover new products, discounts, contests, promotions and the most outstanding offers. Be mambo! My friend

For DOROTHY MAMBO™ the commitment to the environment, has become one of our main convictions. For DOROTHY MAMBO™ to protect the natural and rural environment, it has become the fundamental principle of all manufacturing processes. For this reason we color our fabrics with ecological inks of great durability, that respect the environment.

Preservation of espadrilles with flat sole of esparto for women:

The espadrilles with flat sole of esparto moccasin style for women, require a specific but very simple care. Washing in wet conditions or with cloths with excess water is NOT recommended. Do not bede under any circumstances, machine wash. The spandex flat sole with esparto style moccasin for women, requires a dry cleaning. By using a non-corrosive product and with the aid of a clean damp cloth. Try not to wet the flat esparto sole. If the flat esparto platform is wetted. This loses some of its elasticity, as the esparto tends to harden once it has dried.

Buy women's esparto flat espadrilles sandals online:

If you have any doubt about the process when buying your espadrilles with flat sole of esparto moccasin style online. You do not have to worry, it is a very simple and completely safe process.

At the time of buying espadrilles with flat soles esparto style moccasin online. We have a customer service that operates during office hours, from Monday to Friday. Contact our customer service from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, calling the toll free number (+34) 966 09 42 42. Or, at any time of the day, sending mail to hola@dorothymambo.com. We resolve any query with maximum speed.

As for the way of payment of your espadrilles with flat sole of esparto for women online. We have multiple payment options. Adapted to the needs of each client. So that when buying esparto espadrilles for women online is much safer and easier the process. You can make the payment through a PAYPAL account, by bank transfer or by credit card. All forms of payment are secure and guaranteed.

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