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Authentic natural camping esparto espadrilles for women with jute sole simply sewn by hand. Genuine design crafted in limited edition that blends into your look urban, country or beach. Ideal to combine with skirts, jeans or shorts. Comfortable shoes 100% handmade by artisans in Spain Esparto. Women Alpargatas camping handwoven.

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Genuine and authentic campsite jute sandals for women. Esparto espadrilles hand knitted with high quality single sole. Genuine design inspired by the knit fabrics used in traditional costumes of the inhabitants of the Greek island of Crete. Alpargatas made from denim gray grid at all. Perfect to be conjoined with any trend or look either romantic, urban, basic, or Ibiza hippie beach. Your city construction gives a comfortable fit, making these sandals, an indispensable footwear for any suitcase this summer.

A sophisticated and elegant design inspired by the fabrics of ancient classical Greece. Ideal to wear throughout the year.

Espadrilles camping with single soles of jute Crete, are enormously versatile, as they can coordinate with almost any look, pledge or trend.

Enjoy idyllic bike rides along the sea, the city or the countryside, matching your favorite sandals. Enjoy the experience DOROTHY MAMBO™!

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SoleHandmade jute jute espadrilles
Sewn100% hand-sewn espadrilles
Lining100% cotton lining espadrilles
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DOROTHY MAMBO™ we very concerned about the quality of our shoes. For this reason, we make all our hemp sandals, always looking for the maximum comfort and ergonomics.

Careful control of quality to which all are subjected espadrille jute ensures us to offer a shoe of great craft and aesthetic value.

The natural esparto espadrilles camping Crete have a completely original and unique design. With natural jute fibers used in the manufacture of soled, walking with them on, you will feel a light and comforting massage the soles of the feet. At the bottom of the sole jute it has joined a thin rubber layer that protects them from wear and moisture.

Branded fashion and footwear 100% Spanish DOROTHY MAMBO™ creates and makes their designs limited edition sandals. Satisfying, thus demanding quality standards that customers demand.

Walking with natural jute espadrille, you will experience a host of sensory experiences. This is due to direct contact to the skin of the soles have with natural fiber jute sole.

Espadrilles that manufactures branded fashion and footwear DOROTHY MAMBO™, are certified shoes 100% handmade in Spain. The soles of straw used in its construction have been hand woven by skilled craftsmen jute, using the traditional techniques of the trade.

All authentic espadrille jute, incorporated in the inner zone, a breathable lining 100% organic cotton, which ensures maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

Choose the model of espadrille that you like that is related to your looks or trends. Choose your shoe size, do not worry if you do not remember or know what your numbers. Query and prints the size guide, follow all directions, step by step, and find out your correct shoe size. It is important to correctly print our size guide, ie, 100% print scale without setting the print size. After printing size guide, do not forget to check with a ruler or tape measure, printing is made at the correct scale. Finally, place the foot on the road and you will find your correct numbering up without fear of making mistakes. If you doubt when choosing two numbers, always choose the highest.

Do not accept imitations of poor quality. Stop fakes! Buy genuine and authentic natural esparto espadrilles hand sewn DOROTHY MAMBO™. Sewn by hand, one by one, in Spain, with great care, as mandated by the artisan tradition.

Buy authentic jute espadrilles DOROTHY MAMBO™, handwoven in Spain, in our official online store. An artisan footwear, hand sewn by skilled weavers of straw.

If what you're looking for is some sort of inspiration or want to see how they feel our real natural esparto espadrilles. Check out the outfits section of our official blog. In this section you'll find lots of ideas, looks and trends that blend perfectly with our sandals.

Sure to find multiple proposals to combine jute espadrille with your favorite accessories and clothing to dress.

To stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world DOROTHY MAMBO™, know our news, offers and news. Newsletter! offers and new releases. We keep you informed or informed, in a timely manner, of everything that happens in the universe DOROTHY MAMBO™. if you wish, also, you can receive discount coupons and many other offers and surprises.

In order to be able to stay in touch with all our supporters and fans. We have given high profiles on major social networking sites. For us it is a pleasure to be always in contact, we read you and you can read. We greatly value the opinion of our fans and followers as your ideas and suggestions, make us improve and grow every day. It will be an honor to become part of our family DOROTHY MAMBO™.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ is a brand of shoes and fashion 100% Spanish, very committed to the natural and rural areas. For this reason, we use in all our clothing, fabrics and colorings that are environmentally friendly.

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If you have any hard about the process of online buying your sandals, you do not worry about anything. It is a simple process, very easy to carry out. If you do not know how to buy in our online store, do not hesitate to contact our customer service DOROTHY MAMBO™. You can contact us Monday through Friday from 9-24 hrs and 16-19 hrs by calling the toll free number (+34) 966 09 42 42. Or if you want, send us an email to We resolve any doubt, quickly and efficiently. But if your question has to do with a particular process online purchase. You can allay your concerns, going to the FAQ, where we turned the doubts that usually have our customers.

As for regarding the payment process your sandals. We have many ways of payment, all very secure, tailored to the needs of our customers. You can pay your espadrilles through a PayPal account, by bank transfer, paying cash on delivery, once the product reaches its destination or credit card. All these payment methods are 100% safe and reliable.

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CRETA Camping Espadrilles

Authentic natural camping esparto espadrilles for women with jute sole simply sewn by hand. Genuine design crafted in limited edition that blends into your look urban, country or beach. Ideal to combine with skirts, jeans or shorts. Comfortable shoes 100% handmade by artisans in Spain Esparto. Women Alpargatas camping handwoven.

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