How do I order?

Ordering in www.dorothymambo.com online store is very simple. Just go our categories or use the search, if you prefer, to choose the product or products that you like. Once the product or products to buy selected, you must click on the button "Add to Bag". Once you've added all the products you want to buy in your bag. You must click on the button "Finish Purchase" you can find in the "shopping cart" on the top right of the store.

How long does it take to get my order?

Delivery 48 - 72 hours through CORREOS:

All orders that are formulated from Monday to Friday before 12:00 hrs through the postal service, have a delivery time of 48 - 72 hours, depending on destination. The cost of this type of shipment is:

- Spain (Peninsular) 4.50 € VAT included
- Spain (Baleares) 6,50 € VAT included
- Spain (Canary Islands) 11,50 € VAT included

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES. Delivery within 5-7 days through CORREOS:

All orders that are formulated from Monday to Friday before 12:00 hrs through service CORREOS will have a delivery time of 5 to 7 days depending on destination. The cost of this type of shipment is:

- Between 10.95 - 15.95 € VAT included, depending on destination.

At the time the product leaves the store DOROTHY MAMBO™, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. From the day following receipt of e-mail shipping confirmation of your order you will be able to track it.

How to use a promotional code?

If you have a coupon code DOROTHY MAMBO™, you could indicate in the summary of purchase in the "coupon code" before validate the order field. After entering the valid and current promotional code, this will apply to the amount of the basket.

What are the payment options?

Payment by credit or debit card:

We service payment via credit card. Payment is made through the secure payment by credit card Redsys. DOROTHY MAMBO™ does not have access to data pay the buyer as these are secret and are made exclusively through the secure payment platform Redsys.

Payment with a PayPal account:

You can pay through PayPal secure payment platform where can link your credit card or bank account when performing the high in this surcharge. You can register for this service well or previously from www.paypal.com.

Payment by bank transfer:

You can pay your purchase through a bank transfer. At the time of purchase we will tell you which is the amount to be paid and bank details necessary to make such payment. The shipping product can take more than another form of payment because we have to verify payment prior to submitting the order. In some cases, payment takes between 24 and 48 hours to be paid, in other cases it may still take more time. Once payment is verified notify the user sending your product through your email (IMPORTANT: The user must verify folder junk mail or SPAM, because notification can be received in the inbox).

Cash on delivery:

With COD you can make payment of your order once it catches. This service has a surcharge of 3 € taxes included commission expenses the courier company. This type of order will be reviewed carefully and is only accepted if the total amount of the shopping cart does not exceed € 500 including tax value.

Is it safe to pay?

Pay with credit card:

This is one of the safest methods offered by the Internet to shop. DOROTHY MAMBO™ has contracted the external service Redsys company, world leader in online payments management, in order to not store or disclose any data referring to payments from our customers. We do not know the number of credit card or payment private data from users. Furthermore, this system is also compatible with security systems broadcasters credit cards banks. A completely secure debit cards on the Internet.

Payment by bank transfer:

After selecting at the checkout payment by bank transfer. DOROTHY MAMBO™ takes between 24 and 48 hours if it is a transfer made from Spain, and between 3 and 5 days if it is an international transfer payment check. Once verified the payment you will be notified via e-mail with which you registered and placed the order, your shipment has been made. It is therefore important to check folders spam or spam your e-mail service. This payment is completely safe as it operates from your bank or payment telematic service of their own bank.

Payment made COD:

COD payment is charged at 3 € taxes included in commission. This payment method can be selected for the same or less than 500 € taxes included payments. Reserves dismiss this type of payment for customers who have not complied in the past with the requirements.

The user must select this payment method once ends and validate the purchase order once completed.

To order by this payment the client must enter a valid phone number contact. DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to contact the customer by telephone to validate the request verbally. Once validated the order will be shipped in the shortest possible period of time.

It is a more secure method of payment, as it is done at the time when the messenger or dealer delivers the same customer.

Payment can only be made in cash, checks or any other means of payment they will not be accepted. The customer agrees to deliver the messenger or delivery the exact amount of your purchase.


What are the shipping methods than I have?

DOROTHY MAMBO™ offers you the following shipping methods:

- In your home or office, CORREOS.

What is the delivery time of my orders?

If you choose CORREOS shipping service 48 - 72 hours. The order will take 48 - 72 hours to be delivered at home or to be picked up in office.

For international shipments, ie shipments delivery address other than Spain, it day traffic will vary depending on its destination, between 5 and 7 days.

How much are the shipping costs?

All shipping with delivery address in Spain Peninsular will be made with 48 - 72 hours CORREOS.

Delivery 48 - 72 hours through CORREOS:

- Spain (Peninsular) 4.50 € VAT included
- Spain (Baleares) 6,50 € VAT included
- Spain (Canary Islands) 11,50 € VAT included

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES. Delivery within 5-7 days through CORREOS:

- Between 10.95 - 15.95 € VAT included, depending on destination.

How do I know when my order is sent?

DOROTHY MAMBO™ provides an excellent delivery service. Shipping in 48 - 72 hours. In addition to international shipping for delivery addresses outside Spain.

The shipment will be sent immediately after payment has been validated.

If the payment is made by credit card or PayPal. Normally payment verification is done automatically but may take a few hours.

If the form of payment is through bank transfer, the preparation of the order will be made once it is established that the payment has been done correctly. In some cases, depending on the bank this type of payment takes between 1 and 4 days to be validated.

In case you select the form of sending e 48 - 72 hours, and the order is made before 12:00 noon (Time of peninsular Spain), the products will be received within less than 48 - 72 hours. In the event that the order will be made with non-working holidays or it will be delivered by the first possible working day.

The delivery time for international orders, ie orders placed from another country other than Spain, will depend on the delivery destination thereof. The days of transit of international orders varies depending on the distance they have to travel the package.

How do I know where my order?

DOROTHY MAMBO™ send an email to all customers when their order has been issued. In that e-mail we offer the customer a tracking number that can be followed through the website of the carrier.

What if I am absent at the time of delivery?

The delivery service, CORREOS, makes a safe delivery against signature, whether at home, office, workplace, etc ...

If it is not in the delivery address at the time of it, the carrier will leave a warning ticket and go up to 2 times. In the case of further absence, you can retrieve the package at the nearest CORREOS office.


DOROTHY MAMBO™ quality items

DOROTHY MAMBO™ we made with great love and care all the products we sell. They are all made by hand in SPAIN one by one.

All products sold by DOROTHY MAMBO™ are 100% unique design and are made by hand in Spain.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ signature is a signature recognized in Spain for its quality and reliability.

We work with own unique lasts careful not concerned only a shoe with good design but this is comfortable and anatomical.

The quality control team DOROTHY MAMBO™ is responsible for reviewing by hand, one by one, each of the models before being packaged and shipped.

But for whatever reason and a product does not meet your expectations. This may be removed, once the refund application available in the store DOROTHY MAMBO™ www.dorothymambo.com


DOROTHY MAMBO™ we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 hours. Through any of our services will contact you to inform you, ask for any clarification before any dudad or query. And of course, we accept all kinds of suggestions with the intention to increase the quality of service every day.

- E-mail: hola@dorothymambo.com

- Customer Phone: (+34) 966 09 42 42 (toll free)

- Regular mail: c. Captain Antonio Mena 34 03201 Elche, Alicante SPAIN.

Return and Refund

The return of any product DOROTHY MAMBO™ is very simple through CORREOS.

How to request a refund?

Go to "My Account" and click on "History and details of orders" and then on the desired order reference.

Once you have opened the order on which you want to make a return. You must select the product or products you wish to return. Then indicate the reason for return in the field located below. Finally, click the button "Make a return sheet" at the bottom of the field in which you drafted the reason for the return.

Once completed and sent back sheet. Prepare your return package: Enter the original box in another package in order to avoid damage during transport. Returned products must be NEW, no signs of use and its complete and well-preserved original box.

Deposits the package in the transportation office used in order to return closer to that office or fixed a schedule of home collection.

Once the package arrives to stores DOROTHY MAMBO™ and verify that the product is in good condition. Verify that the product has not been used and is well preserved in its original packaging. We will proceed with the refund of the product through the means used to effect payment.

How long do I have to return a product?

Legally you have 14 days from the date of receipt of the merchandise to exercise your right of withdrawal.

The product or products to be returned must be NEW, unused and well preserved in its original box.

Before returning the package you must make a return sheet from the "My Account" section in the online store DOROTHY MAMBO™.

Remember to request the return of all products that do not want at the same time and in a single shipment.

I changed my mind or I was wrong to make the refund?

If it is given the case that you changed your mind once the return request. Contact us Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 hrs through our customer service number (+34) 966 09 42 42 (toll free) or e- mail: hola@dorothymambo.com

How much does return a product?

DOROTHY MAMBO™ provides that the return of products by estoppel. The amount of postage both return as the original shipment will be paid by the customer. In the case using a promotional coupon free shipping only you have to pay the return shipping returned product by estoppel. In the event that the product is defective or has any manufacturing defect. The full amount of the product and the shipping and return will be borne by DOROTHY MAMBO™.

But if it is necessary for the product or products to be returned, are new, in their original box and no signs of having been used. This means that the products are in perfect condition.

How I can get a refund of my purchase?

Once the product or products to stores DOROTHY MAMBO™ arrives and verify the status of them is new, the products have been delivered in its original box and have no signs of having been used, we will make the payment of the amount corresponding to him or returned products. Refunds made by credit card may be delayed due to the inter-bank term.

Within the framework of the law that any consumer has to return a product. We propose a simple process that will allow you to exchange or return and receive a refund quickly.

If payment on delivery order was made. DOROTHY MAMBO™ will make you a bank transfer to your account. To do this, you ask your bank details, including IBAN and BIC code of the same, in order to be able to make the payment correctly.

The number of Spanish IBAN starts with the letters is followed by 22 digits and is totally unique for each account. The number BIC (SWIFT) consists of a combination of 11 characters (11 letters or 8 letters and 3 numbers). These two codes you can find them on the website of your bank or consulting directly to your bank.


Can I make a product change?

From receipt of your order, you have a maximum period of 14 calendar days to change the items you do not want. The item or items you want to change must be NEW, no signs of having been used and in its original box in perfect condition. You can exchange them for products of the same model, of a size, number or different color.

If the product was discounted or if you use a discount coupon code to buy them, can benefit from the same rebate or discount in exchange.

If the item for which you want to make the change is of greater value than the original will have to pay the difference by wire transfer.

You can not change an article by another minor.

How do I make a product change?

Access to the online store DOROTHY MAMBO™. Log in to the top right of the store. Once logged in click on "history and details of orders". Once inside the history of your orders, select the order for which you want to make the change of product.

Select the product you want to change. Further down the field at the bottom of the title "Return or product change" (VERY IMPORTANT) indicates that a change not want to make a return.

Subsequently, it indicates which is the exchange rate, if you want a different size or number (indicate size or number) or if you want to change to another color of the same model.

Once the explanation field click the button filled "Make a return sheet"

We will send a tag to manage the collection of items to change you have to print and paste on the outside of the box. After saving products in their original packaging change, you should contact the nearest office of the carrier making the delivery of the package or go to your nearest office with him.

At the moment recepcionar returned merchandise to change and check that everything is correct and that the products are new and do not show signs of having been used, we will ship the product or number chosen instead.

The new shipment will be made through CORREOS and this will no longer allow another change of product.

Once the new package is issued receive a verification email with data monitoring.


Why should I create an DOROTHY MAMBO™ account?

It is necessary to perform the correct track your orders certain information: delivery and billing address, e-mail, etc ...

Creating an online store account DOROTHY MAMBO™ allow you to benefit from the proposed services. Tracking orders, returns, invoice printing, etc ...

Data and your account information will only be used by DOROTHY MAMBO™ to establish a business relationship through our online store and will never be shared with third parties.

Can access your account at any time, modify or delete data by emailing hola@dorothymambo.com

How is my account information used?

All information stored in your account will only be used by DOROTHY MAMBO™ to establish a purely business relationship and will never be shared or sold to third parties.

With regard to bank information, you are never in our possession because all banking transactions are handled directly by a bank.

What are cookies? How I can delete them?

With the sole aim of improving the use of our site and avoid you have to log in each time you access our online store, we make use of cookies. Cookies are computer files that are stored on the hard drive of your device and that provide insight into the use of our website in your browser.

How to unsubscribe from the Newsletter offers and promotions?

Unsubscribe newsletter DOROTHY MAMBO™ is simple. Just ask the decline in the link at the bottom of any of the newsletters received. You can also send an e-mail to our customer email: hola@dorothymambo.com with the subject "Unsubscribe newsletter".

How to recover my ID or password?

If you forget the password that you signed up DOROTHY MAMBO™. Do not worry, it's easy to recover. Simply you log in from the button at the top right of the shop "Login". In the fields of the middle right click "Forgot your password". Enter the e-mail with which you registered for the first time and click "Recover password".

You will receive an email that will allow you reactivate your account and access your store account.

Remember to check your mailbox SPAM or if the case is there mail sent was given.

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