How do I choose my number correctly?

MAMBO LOLA size guide

DOROTHY MAMBO™ we have created a guide to DOWNLOAD and PRINT and that you know what your number right foot.

STEP 1: Measure your foot

- Download the PDF with and print GUIDE NUMBERS: but ATTENTION! print it out 100% the size of the printing sheet not you adapt to the size of the sheet.

Notes with a rule that the scale is correct.

- Fold the paper in the dotted line and lean against the wall. Place your foot on the printed sheet.

- With as flat as possible stand, make sure the heel is securely attached to the wall.

- With the help of a pencil, make a mark in front of the big toe. Measure the distance in cm from the edge of the sheet to the mark you made. If you are between two numbers, always choose the top.

STEP 2: Find your shoe size

- With the help of tables, you can determine your foot more appropriate number.

- ATTENTION !: if you are between two numbers, we recommend choosing the top number.

DOROTHY MAMBO™, we present our products in Spanish class, followed if necessary Carvings US or UK sizes.

Table of equivalences number of international standing.

MAMBO LOLA tabla guía de tallas

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