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DOROTHY MAMBO™ born from the passion, perseverance and experience Nereida Rial Peralta. Born into a family dedicated to handmade shoes. A Nereida has fascinated him since tiny, everything that had to do with the design and manufacture of garments and fashion accessories.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, Nereida gained professional experience in various fashion brands internationally. Once the journey completed training, he thought of creating a brand with values considered were missing in the fashion industry and footwear. His intention was to give life to a genuinely Spanish fashion firm to bet strongly on quality and hand crafted.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ born in 2015 hand Nereida Rial Peralta, a fashion and footwear 100% Spanish that brings together a large group of professionals in the design sector, the pattern and the making of handmade shoes.

Nereida as head of this great human group, brings all his experience, from his impeccable career in the formation for design, fashion and footwear sector.

The pillars on which rests DOROTHY MAMBO™, are simple but weight, quality, passion and creativity. Nereida and his team do an aesthetic plated revision of an icon in the world of footwear, espadrilles. A natural, organic and sustainable footwear. The project dealt in applying new concepts and creative designs to classic espadrille, without losing the values of this ancient craft shoes.

A great starting point, beginning with the restyling of the classic espadrille. With the intention to implement a philosophy that knows no boundaries. A pendas applicable to other garments and accessories that invade and sketches of the upcoming collections philosophy.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ espadrilles are full of color, joy, care and love. Impregnated with a purely Mediterranean idiosyncrasy, spread this feeling all that fit. Live the experience DOROTHY MAMBO™!

Nereida Rial Peralta

Nereida Rial Peralta

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