The parties that are linked through these general conditions of sale are Leandro Jaimovitch Perez NIF ES 48358435S, with offices located at Calle Capitan Antonio Mena 34 03201 Elche, Alicante SPAIN, hereinafter DOROTHY MAMBO™, and user www.dorothymambo.com website to fill in any part of a registration form.

Please read all the rules described below and offer DOROTHY MAMBO™. These rules must be accepted prior to purchase any of the products sold on the website DOROTHY MAMBO™.

This web page has been created by DOROTHY MAMBO™ for information purposes and for personal use. We understand that by accessing this website you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Access and browsing of this website implies knowing and accepting the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein.


They can access all our services and buy our products all elderly individuals, enough to hire and have been validly registered in the corresponding section capacity. The data incorporated into any form must be true and accurate, DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserving the right to refuse or terminate those who fail to comply with this fundamental requirement. Safeguarding the correct user name and password are the sole responsibility of each user.

Buy DOROTHY MAMBO™ online store

All duly registered users can buy on the website MAMBO LOLA ™ by the media and forms established for this purpose.

All exhibited at the online store DOROTHY MAMBO™ final prices are in Euros (€) and include taxes, except as required by law, especially concerning value added tax, is point and apply a different matter.

Registration and acceptance of these conditions implies conformity with the features and price of products.

The user / customer can buy via the Internet from the web www.dorothymambo.com.

Any place an order requires acceptance of prices and descriptions of products available for sale. DOROTHY MAMBO™ undertakes to issue the products displayed through if website with stock availability. In the event of not having sufficient availability of products, DOROTHY MAMBO™ is committed to communicate, in the shortest possible period of time customer. As the order canceled and refunded for the same amount.

With regard to promotional discount vouchers will not be compatible with discounts or other offers, not being able to accumulate more than one discount per order or user.


Enabled payment methods are:

Credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and cash on delivery. It is strictly forbidden to use data or third-party payment instruments.

Security of payment transactions:

DOROTHY MAMBO™ uses the means to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transmitted via the website and online store www.dorothymambo.com.

Products purchased through bank transfer payment will be reserved a maximum of 5 calendar days to verify that the payment has been made correctly. It is extremely important to make payment correctly by entering the exact amount of the total of each order. As the account number of the beneficiary and the correct reference made to order when making the transfer. In case of error we have to not be able to validate the order.

Availability and stock of products:

If one or more products ordered are not available, DOROTHY MAMBO™ agrees to notify the customer as soon as possible circumstance. The customer order will be canceled or postponed, according to his will, and the amount duly repaid.

Cash on delivery

Payment on delivery is an additional charge of 3 € taxes included. This mode of payment can only be selected if the total purchase amount is equal to or less than 500 € taxes included. MAMBO LOLA ™ reserves the right to suspend or dismiss the purchase to customers who have not met the requirements in previous purchases.

The customer must choose payment on delivery payment methods when making the purchase through the website www.dorothymambo.com and finally validate the order.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ will send a confirmation email once the purchase through this payment method is validated. To make this type of payment the customer must provide a valid phone contact so that from MAMBO LOLA ™ we can get in touch with him and validate the order verbally. Once validated the order will send in the shortest time possible. Payment will be made in cash when the dealer does package delivery to the customer. Payment shall be made in cash, checks or any other means of payment they will not be accepted. The customer agrees to deliver to delivery of the transport company the exact amount of the order.

MAMBO LOLA ™ agrees to reimburse the order payment made with cash on delivery, in whole or in part, according to the return, no later than 15 calendar days from receipt of the request for return made from our website. The total or partial refund of any order will be made once it has been established that the product has been returned in good condition and this new, in original packaging, with its original box in perfect condition and no signs of having been used.

Upon request a refund, the customer must provide their bank details in order to allow for proper transfer of the refund. Reimbursement of products purchased by paying by bank transfer will be made only through bank transfer.

Transaction security

DOROTHY MAMBO™ computer use every available means to ensure the confidentiality and security of data provided by users of the website www.dorothymambo.com.


DOROTHY MAMBO™ only ships to in peninsular Spain, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, as domestic destinations. For shipments made to any of the Canary Islands community, it is imperative the full name and ID number of the customer.

International deliveries:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic , Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

All orders placed on the website MAMBO LOLA ™ before 14:00 hrs from Monday to Friday on weekdays in national territory of Spain, will be issued the same day once it has been verified as valid payment.

All deliveries are made on weekdays from Monday to Friday. It is possible to arrange deliveries on holidays or weekends. MAMBO LOLA ™ only responsible for the delivery methods offered on our website. For any questions about our available customer number (+34) 966 09 42 42 or our e-mail: hola@dorothymambo.com.

Rates for shipments reflected on the website DOROTHY MAMBO™.

It is your responsibility to make sure at the time of delivery, the shipment is in good condition and has not been damaged during transport. Thus, if the box or shipping package is open or if the appearance of the packaging concerns or suspected violations of the inviolability of the product arise, the customer should not accept the shipment, notifying DOROTHY MAMBO™ incidents either via telephone customer (+34) 966 09 42 42 or via e-mail: hola@dorothymambo.com

The customer can choose of delivery CORREOS 48 - 72 hours. For shipments outside Spain CORREOS.

All delivery services require the customer's signature, if the recipient is absent, the carrier will leave a notice and would spend up to twice. If a new absence, the recipient can go to the post office or nearest CORREOS retrieve the package. If the package is not retrieved within a maximum of 14 calendar days, it will be returned to DOROTHY MAMBO™ and the purchase will be canceled. If the package was returned by absence, DOROTHY MAMBO™ should only be obliged to repay the value of the amount of the product and not the amount of shipping charges and return the package and our stores.


MAMBO LOLA ™ guarantees the exchange, refund reimbursement of all purchases.

Time to return an item

The consumer has a legal time of 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods to exercise his right of withdrawal. The transport of the returned goods shall be borne by the customer. In the case of the product estubiera bad or a defect is perceived in manufacturing, shipping and return costs borne by DOROTHY MAMBO™.

All changes or refunds will be managed by each client accessing our website section "My Account" with your username and password.

Changes or refunds will be managed by the same transport company that performed sending them. If the customer returns all or part of your order products via other means of transport or carrier, DOROTHY MAMBO™ is released from liability in case of loss, theft or damage of the package or its products. And you do not agree to make the repayment or forwarding it.

The product or products to return or exchange must be in perfect condition, brand new, unused and in its original packaging. DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to refuse to exchange or refund the product or products that do not come in perfect condition as noted above.

If the product is suitable for return under the conditions listed above, the matter of him or products the customer will be reimbursed under the same method of payment used to purchase them, as soon as possible.

If the product is suitable to be exchanged, DOROTHY MAMBO™ shall make the change by the new chosen if possible and there is enough stock.

In the event that the new product chosen is of a higher amount, the customer will pay the difference through bank transfer to the account number that will provide for it.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ does not support changing a product by one other than a lower value. To purchase a different or less valuable product, the customer must dismiss the first shipment and make a new purchase.

In the case of receiving a product that is not in good condition, for exchange or refund for dismissal. DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to exercise the necessary steps to receive the amount on the value of products actions.

In the event that a defective product DOROTHY MAMBO™ will repair, replacement or refund of it is served. To file a claim for dismissal, the consumer will have 14 calendar days from receipt of the goods.

Under the right that any consumer has to return a product, we propose a simple process that will allow you to make a change or receive a refund quickly. For this, the consumer will have to go to "My Account" website DOROTHY MAMBO™, access the corresponding order and make a request for return or exchange. The customer must indicate the reason for the dismissal or replacement, specifying that product, size, number you want to change your purchased product.

The right following the instructions provided by DOROTHY MAMBO™ is not indispensable for the exercise of consumer rights, but if it helps us make a quick and easy process.

Articles may be changed by others of the same brand, model, price, for others of different color, size or number.

The customer will only be entitled to request an exchange or refund per order and durable.

The way back, once validated by the customer, it shall not be changed retrospectively. In the event of being a second return, the customer must request it through our customer service through our phone number (+34) 966 42 42 or via 09 e-mail: hola@dorothymambo.com.

The amount of returned items will be refunded once they arrive in perfect condition to our stores.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ does not accept a return if the product or have corresponding signs to problems that do not correspond to manufacturing defects. The following examples are not considered manufacturing defects:

- Products which have been washed and dried with machines or with unsuitable products.

- Damage caused by improper or excessive use.

- Smudging on products.

- Those caused by excessive moisture or water.

- Those caused by poor maintenance of the same.

Using promotional discount coupons

Users of the website DOROTHY MAMBO™ can get a discount coupon to apply to your next purchase, if you use the "Sponsor a friend".

The discount coupon will be valid if it meets the following requirements:

- The friend must not have been previously invited by another registered member.

- The friend must not have any purchase made on the website DOROTHY MAMBO™.

- The friend, after the invitation and regarding this, you must make a minimum at or above 25 € including purchase tax.

- Operations fully completed purchase, according to these conditions will be accepted.

- The discount coupons can be used in equal or above 25 € purchases including tax.

- The coupons can be used on other offers or sales of products DOROTHY MAMBO™ website.

- Coupons can not be redeemed for cash or another product.

- Coupons are nontransferable.

- You can use more than one coupon per transaction.

- The expiration of the coupons is one year from issuance.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ take all possible technological measures in order to safeguard the operations of sponsorship. Specifically, upon detection of fraud, especially if they relate to creating email accounts or false records, or the use of robots or algorithms to automate the invitations. Therefore, DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to terminate the offending user, removing thus obtained profits and discount coupons can exercise on them or civil or criminal actions.


DOROTHY MAMBO™ limits its liability in the following cases:

If the possibility is given that the chosen product will not be as displayed through the website www.dorothymambo.com, because of the lack of resolve, problems of browser used or other of this kind or similar.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ applies all necessary measures to provide visualization as faithful as possible to the products it sells measures, however is not responsible for the minimum deficiencies or inaccuracies that may exist.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ act with the utmost diligence in order to make available to the transport company selected the product chosen by the customer. However it is not responsible for damages caused by malfunction of transport, especially for reasons such as strikes, withholding road or air transport, and generally any other industry, they result in delays, loss, damage or theft of the product.

Technical failures that accidental or other causes, prevent proper operation of the service over the Internet.

Unavailability of the website for maintenance or other reasons that prevent proper service available.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ puts all the necessary scope for the purposes of carrying out the selection process, checkout of the selected resources, however disclaims responsibility for reasons attributable to it, acts of God or force majeure.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ will not be responsible for more use or wear items that are used by customers. At the same time, will also not be liable for the return of a product not sold on our website www.dorothymambo.com. It is your responsibility to return the correct item. Otherwise, DOROTHY MAMBO™ will not return the items returned by mistake.

Sponsor a friend or friend

Responsibility for shipments by email to contacts, will be exclusively on behalf of who performs the consignment. In any case, DOROTHY MAMBO™ will make every effort to identify those who made irresponsible or misuse of e-mails in accordance with current regulations.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to take any legal action against users who make indiscriminate shipments, which can be considered as "spamming" or unauthorized mass mailings. Or in general violate any of the laws relating to sending emails.

Reservation of Rights

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to not allow certain users, without a reason.

Also, DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to cancel or refuse any customer order with whom there is a dispute concerning payment of a previous order or who appears to be some sort of risk.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to change the prices of each and every one of its products at any time. The purchase price will be the current at the time of the operation.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to verify all personal information provided by the customer and take the measures it deems necessary to verify that the registrant is, indeed, the owner of the bank how much or documents or cards used for payment . This check can take the form of request for proof of identity, address or bank documents. If the customer does not respond to such request within 2 business days to one, the purchase order which was tried will be canceled automatically, without the possibility of filing a claim post.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to terminate all users who are making a misuse or abuse of the system, fraudulent acts or conduct detrimental to other users. In the event that DOROTHY MAMBO™ or any other entity linked professionally to DOROTHY MAMBO™, detect any anomaly or suspect that a user is preventing normal use of the system, illegally altering its records by any computer technical procedure or carrying out fraudulent acts contravening its transparency. DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to terminate and withdraw all the benefits that could have been obtained illegally and without explanation of any kind, to all users who might have benefited directly or indirectly from such actions fraudulent. And may also exercise all civil or criminal actions that may arise. In this sense, DOROTHY MAMBO™ states that have enabled the mechanisms and necessary technological support to detect any possible fraudulent, anomalous or fraudulent action that seeks to disrupt the proper functioning or the database of our website.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to change these terms at any time, without notice price and without making a statement to registered users. These changes will be posted on our website so that users can access them and know them. Consequently, all users should read carefully the general conditions in each of the occasions when appropriate to use our website. The use of the website and its services, once they are modified in the general conditions are applicable, shall mean the acceptance thereof by each of the users of it.

Customer service

For any, questions, concerns or suggestions please contact our customer service by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00, by calling (+34) 966 September 42 42 (toll free) or by sending an e-mail to the following address: hola@dorothymambo.com.

Private sales

MAMBO LOLA ™ organizes private sales on our website www.dorothymambo.com. Which can not be combined with other offers. The reduction will be applied directly in the shopping cart. The conditions of order, payment items, delivery and return, are the same as defined in the clauses in the General Conditions of Sale.

Intellectual property

All information contained on the website DOROTHY MAMBO™, as well as graphic design and the code used, are protected by copyright or other rights of protection established by Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law is approved. These rights belong exclusively to DOROTHY MAMBO™ or its licensors, therefore, is expressly prohibited any reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication, and any transfer of all or part of the contents of our website, and in general any item or object that under current legislation possible standards protected by intellectual and industrial property. May only spread the image of DOROTHY MAMBO™ in all its facets with the express written consent of it by DOROTHY MAMBO™.

Updating and concreteness

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to modify unilaterally the conditions and terms of use of their systems or website. Any change will be announced accordingly. The implementation of the modified conditions of use will occur from the time of its publication in the appropriate section of our website.


All sales are exclusively aimed at over 18 years for the national territory of Spain and age over power to establish contracts with other countries. So any participation in such sales is strictly prohibited for users who do not meet the requirements set out in the corresponding general conditions.


DOROTHY MAMBO™ makes every effort to avoid at all costs contained errors that could occur on our website. DOROTHY MAMBO™ does not guarantee or be liable for the consequences arising from errors in the contents appearing on our website. Once detected an error DOROTHY MAMBO™ promises to try to resolve it as soon as possible.

The information, content and data of all kinds from our web site or its promotional campaigns are reviewed before publication; however, it is not possible to ensure that they are free of misprints, typing errors, defects composition or equivalent problems. So DOROTHY MAMBO™ recommends all registered users or not, to be vigilant for possible updates or rectifications that the website incorporates, to confirm the data resulting from their essential interest through channels of staff, telephonic communication calling free phone (+34) 966 09 42 42 or sending an e-mail to: hola@dorothymambo.com. And that and no case decision based solely and specifically on the information provided on our web site or in promotional campaigns on third party websites.

Errors and typographical errors

All information published by DOROTHY MAMBO™ in any advertising, own or third-party support, especially those concerning banners, posters, electronic communications or other, and containing a typo either involuntary or by manipulation of third parties, lack any value. In case of doubt it is recommended that users of our website confirm the data through personal consultation channels that DOROTHY MAMBO™ offers, by calling (+34) 966 09 42 42 or sending an e-mail to: hola@dorothymambo.com

Informative purpose only

All information on the MAMBO LOLA ™ website are for informational purposes only. To carry out a process of buying any of the products marketed MAMBO LOLA ™, the user must register and accept the terms and relevant conditions.

Links page

DOROTHY MAMBO™ is not responsible in any way for those contents, commercial activities, products and services that can be accessed through electronic links (links) directly or indirectly through our website.

The presence of links on the website MAMBO LOLA ™ unless otherwise stated otherwise, are for informational purposes only and in no case involve suggestions, invitation or recommendation thereof. These links are not intended to represent any relationship between MAMBO LOLA ™ and the individuals or companies from which pages can be accessed through these links.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally at any time, links (links) displayed on your website.

Navigation and security access

Access and browsing this website implies acceptance and knowledge of legal warnings, general terms and conditions of use set forth therein. DOROTHY MAMBO™ makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place under the best possible conditions and to avoid any damage arising during navigation of it.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ is not liable for damages of any kind that may occur to users by using other browsers, different versions of the browsers for which has been scheduled.

DOROTHY MAMBO™ is not responsible if a user accesses our web site from a non-secure environment or if the information is transmitted unencrypted form.


All trademarks, logos and anagrams shown on this website are the exclusive property of DOROTHY MAMBO™ or third companies whose products are offered on this website. use without prior consent, any element of the website is subject to protection under the law to intellectual property is expressly prohibited. In particular, they may not use trademarks, trade names, signs, names, logos, imagotypes, slogans or any type of identification sign belonging to DOROTHY MAMBO™, unless written consent.

Legal actions

DOROTHY MAMBO™ reserves the right to take legal action against users who infringe or violate the rights of industrial or intellectual property.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The terms and conditions governing this website and all relationships that could be derived are safeguarded by Spanish legislation.

Any dispute arising from access to the use of this website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Alicante, Spain, subject to the jurisdiction that corresponds according to consumer laws in force.

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